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Walking Rain Concert


Walking Rain Concert: A Concert by the duo who call themselves "Walking Rain".

Walking Rain is the name the Indians of New Mexico gave to fast summer rainstorms that sweep across the desert leaving the air and ground refreshed. The music of Coale Johnson and Bob Bruen covers the open spaces between folk, country, blues and swing. A Bluegrass/New Grass veteran, Bob plays mandolin, guitar and sings with the likes of David Grisman, Vasser Clements and Mike Marshall. Coale, a graduate of Depaul Univeristy and Berkelee School of Music, plays guitar, bass, and sings. Coale performed blues and jazz since childhood and has two jazz albums under his belt, playing with renowned musicians: George Marsh, Karl Perazzo and Benny Reitveld.

Bob Bruen is a mandolinist, composer and singer. He has been playing and teaching mandolin since 1970 after hearing David Grisman on a Grateful Dead record. Since taking up the mandolin he has performed professionally in the Bay Area in his own bands and with many musicians including mandolin legends Rudy Cipolla, David Grisman and legendary fiddler Vassar Clemens.

In 1975 He was fortunate to have his first composition included on The David Grisman Rounder Album. In 2002 he moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since 2004 he has recorded four CD’s under the name “Walking Rain” with his long time friend and fellow picker Coale Johnson. He currently lives and teaches in Eldorado and can be seen mucking about in local venues with a local cast of musical characters.

Coale Johnson: American singer, songwriter and guitarist, was 14 when his musical journey started… He “borrowed” his sister’s guitar and she never really got it back!

Coale started his formal studies in Chicago and then went on to Berklee School of Music in Boston. It didn’t take long to realize that academia was really no place for a free spirited guitar player! “What? You’re not going to teach me to play like Albert King or Merle Travis?”… and so began a life of playing in bands and following the music and musicians that caught his ear and captured his soul.

The music Coale now plays shows all of his influences. He covers artists from Muddy Waters to Gordon Lightfoot, from the Beatles to Merle Haggard, from Frank Sinatra to Emmy Lou Harris & Billy Holiday. Coale’s extensive original songs can best be described as folk/rock/jazz with a subtle twang.

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Adrian’s 6.5 month Tour


Adrian’s 6.5 month Tour ????

Gleewood's 6 1/2 month European tour, except through the eyes, ears, mouth, and nostrils of Adrian "rigboat." Reyes (their tour photographer and videographer). Join us for a FREE talkshow-like presentation, complete with photos of the journey AND a LIVE acoustic performance from none-other-than Gleewood themself. ALSO an open Q&A for a chance to ask the band and photographer about their experiences in each captured moment. 
See you there!

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Anthony Garcia Live at Sacred Grounds


Sacred Grounds enthusiastically welcomes back Anthony Garcia. Anthony Garcia (Outlier) is a pianist, guitarist and vocalist currently living in Austin, Tx. He performs regularly in Central Texas, the Texas Hill Country and his native West Texas hometown, Lubbock. Additionally, he has traveled through, lived and toured extensively in Europe, including 3 weeks in August of 2018 performing in Vienna, Munich and Zug, Switzerland at the Zug Jazz Festival. Anthony was recently featured on the Austin based Podcast Transient Mic, and is to due to deliver a new solo album in 2019 in collaboration with the non profit as an official Transient Mic artist. 

Anthony received a Bachelor's in Music from Texas Tech University and focused on piano pedagogy and choral studies. From an early age he learned music by ear, spending the most time learning guitar and piano. His live sets include a variety of genres including Country, Americana, Spanish, Irish and even Classical repertoire, and his own original music.

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Robyn Cage live performance



Robyn Cage’s powerhouse vocals and impassioned live performances have enthralled audiences nationwide, from Boston’s Symphony Hall, to thousands at outdoor festivals, to the prestigious and intimate singer-songwriter circuit in NYC.

Born in the Utah desert, she went on to study at The Boston Conservatory and become an accomplished actress in NYC, where her performances earned praise from The New York Times and Variety. When Robyn came to a crucial turning point in her life, she migrated back to her desert birthplace and was creatively and soulfully reawakened as an alternative-pop artist with an entrancing and authentic artistic sensibility. 

Her debut album Born in the Desert (2015) was named one of the 35 Top Albums of 2015 by I’m Music Magazine and topped the list of 25 Best New Music Critiques of 2015 by Music Connection Magazine.

Currently, Cage is touring with The Airplane Family (alumni of Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, Hot Tuna, and The Grateful Dead) singing the Grace Slick repertoire. Sophomore album Slow The Devil out now.

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Jay Castleberry and Tim McCasland


Entertainment by Jay Castleberry, Tim McCasland and possibly Thomas Vigil. (Hillbilly Potentates) (No Cover)

When local Musicians Jay Castleberry and Tim McCasland get together, you can count on several things:

  • You’ll hear some great music, guitar picking, and banjo fumbling.

  • You’ll hear some of the worst jokes on the planet.

  • If you understand Jay’s lyrics, you’ll be the first.

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Warren Miller’s film “Face of Winter”


Watch the Trailer

Volkswagon presents: Warren Miller’s film “Face of Winter”. A fundraiser for Ski Apache’s Adaptive Ski Program! there will be four drawings for prizes Thursday night at Ski Apache's Adaptive Skier's Program. The drawings will be for a Ski Apache lift ticket, zip tour, Warren Miller movie DVD, and a carved bear


Loving the pure joy of winter is something we have in common with the late, great Warren Miller—who helped create and capture the magic of skiing. This year, “Face of Winter,” the 69th installment from Warren Miller Entertainment presented by Volkswagen, will bring new and veteran athletes alike together to pay tribute to the man who started it all.

Watch as the world’s best skiers and riders cover ground in some of the most legendary destinations to honor a face that launched a thousand quips and got us all started on this long, crazy ride. Visit some of Warren’s favorite locations from Switzerland to Chamonix, British Columbia to Alaska, Chile, Iceland, New Zealand and more. 

Come along to far off regions, meet the locals, carve faces of remote mountain ranges, and celebrate the thrills of a life lived in high places. 

Join in the tribute and continue the legacy. We are all the “Face of Winter.”

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