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Music by Outlier

Music by Outlier -  Anthony Garcia of Lubbock, Texas (guitar/piano/vocals; and Melanie Lenau of Michigan, (violin/vocals) are a duo who met in the port town of Busan, South Korea while working there as English teachers.  It was there in 2012 that they recorded their debut, self titled album Outlier. In 2014 they toured Europe and recorded their second album Live in Berlin, and 2015 saw the release of their third album PianoViolin, solo original ‘classical’ compositions, which was a huge shift for the duo.  Live as a duo, their songs are brought to life with subtle, live percussive loops that Anthony creates on the fly by beating on his acoustic guitar, freeing him up to move over to the piano, on which he is classically trained. Melanie adds vocal harmonies and chordal violin accompaniment as well as gypsy, baroque solo lines. The texture of their duo performances reaches from the most tender vocal harmonies to a sprawling wall of sound. Their sets also include traditional Spanish, Irish and Western Swing songs.