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Voorhees Films presents "A Night of Naughty Women"

Voorhees Films presents two short art films in "A Night of Naughty Women" These shorts, Othello: Good Night My Sweet and Catching Up, explore the evil minds of Iago in Shakespeare's Othello and the wickedly twisted Sally in New York playwright Tom Sime's Catching Up. Both films meld the worlds of film and stage. Voorhees has given Othello a couple of new twists. A ghost torments a husband, who is obsessed with irrational fears that his seemingly loving and loyal wife is having an affair with his beguiling best friend. Catching Up, an avant-garde dark comedy, revolves around a widowed socialite, who volunteers to help a lonely ex-con reintegrate into society, but her morbid curiosity of murder gets in her way. $10.00 suggested donation to help enter film festivals.